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Tips For Ladies Bag Selection And Matching Method

As the weather changes,there are girls living in the city will also come up with their own favorite partner- bag. Here are several bags and clothes collocation way.
The ladies Mature, imported fashion leather handbag, plus a black female suit.
The avant-garde, generous fashion leisure bag, plus a miniskirt.
leisure bags, plus some lovely patterns, put in hand, plus a dress.
Students, the color of the canvas bag, with a neat skirt.
Occupation type, pink briefcase, plus a personal occupation.
What has a face bag
Choose the bag according to the style of clothes, have a look of their wardrobe, four angle type multi class clothes are solemn, or four corners rounded a more casual type of clothing, solemn and leisure, what kind prevail, the first of which can bag. If you follow the fashion girl, wearing fashionable clothes should first love color and popular color coordination bags; if you love wearing clean color clothes, then fancy bags with bright colors.
Bags and temperament
Choose bag consider most at ordinary times what clothes to wear. If you love to wear T-shirts, sportswear and other boyish clothing, or nylon, plastic bags, canvas hard type. If you love to wear a sweater, shirts and other clothing should be girly, lace, hemp, soft cotton "soft packaging". Transformation of the fabric, the texture of the bag also need to be replaced.
Choose bags according to height
If you prefer large bag, it must consider the height. The height of 165CM above the optional, 50CM in length, can be hard to dress the magazine into a bag; if the height of 157CM below, elected in the 35CM below, can be loaded into a magazine sideways.
Bag and chest
When the bag under his arm, to see from the front, the thickness of the bag is a must pay attention to the problem. Breast, thick waist girl should be thin and slender rectangular bag. The flat chest, a figure like boys girls choose triangle bag thick.
Cute bag
The so-called cute bags, features a floral pattern or beaded sequins. Small print feel bright and lovely, beads and sequins is more beautiful, is this summer to buy bags.
According to the form selection of bags
Facial features clear, sharp eyebrows, prominent cheekbones and other facial taste a little boy, to choose a striped masculine bag; gentle eyes, nose round, oval face is the girl taste of people, to choose a string of beads, sequins bags.
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