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The Common Sense of Purchase And Maintenance Ladies Leisure Leather Bag

Ladies leisure package is mainly for people in the shopping or travel time to use. Currently on the market popular leisure package, mainly including shoulder bag, handbag, tote bag, amphibious inclined shoulder bag, backpack, waist, chest bag and so on. So how to choose a suitable for their leisure bag?
1.First choose their own favorite color, ladies leisure package tricks:
This is very important, bag, belt, shoes and clothing, scarves or even headdress with each other. So the first step to choose their favorite colors, tricks. Not necessarily limited in what you wore the clothes to match, also can and you want to buy clothes, or home has some clothes or other Dongdong to match. Of course, the best or to buy clothes, buy bags. This can more easily see the overall effect. Of course, online purchase, or should you have some clothes to match the better.
2.To see the work of the ladies leisure package:
This part is divided into many aspects, pull to see if it's easy to walk line, have without balance, suture without loose, skew, skin have wrinkles, hand, buckles and other hardware is solid, have no big scratches. And in the bag if the functions are available, such as mobile phone bag, camera bag, bag, general high-grade with certificate of the bag bag. At the same time, many high-end bags are relatively rugged, durable, and feel good, but also no smell. In addition, for the zipper bag, men's bag should check whether the zipper on more solid.
3.Followed by the choice of ladies leisure package style and size:
The first is to choose handbags, handbag, shoulder bag, the amphibious inclined shoulder bag, backpack, purse, chest bag inside which a. And then choose the details of the type of detail, such as the length of the bag belt, whether the pattern is appropriate, the package of hardware is appropriate for themselves, etc.. Then choose the size of the bag.. The size of the bag is important.. Do not pay attention to the size of the bag, after the purchase to know that the original is too large, or too small, and some of the belt is too long, resulting in the purchase after bad back, and bad back. In fact, the bag is still wide, the next wide, the package bottom to the top of the bag along the height, a belt or a long belt with the height of the bag and the thickness of the bag.
In addition, according to the different materials of the ladies leisure bag, should adopt corresponding nursing and maintenance methods, so as not to miss leisure package appearance of side effects, again use.
How to maintain the leather woman leisure bag?
Generally speaking, daily cleaning and maintenance of the dermal ladies casual turnkey mild soap solution has enough (with a wet cloth to wipe a, never will be leather soaked in clean water). The leather cleaner found in the market is also good, and containing lubricant, can keep the softness of the leather itself.. Stubborn dirt may be treated with mild detergent, or need professional cleaning treatment. If leather wear, can not painted oily colorless leather care cream, let the slowly after penetration, and then a clean soft cloth to polish, can enable to reproduce the shiny leather, also can prevent dry leather.
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