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Scientific And Technological Innovation To Build On The Transformation Of Boosting A Successful Transition Chapter Three

The global financial crisis has brought to the industry unprecedented difficulties, but also to the industry has brought important historical opportunity for leather industrial comprehensive upgrade. Guangdong leather industry rely enhance innovation capability as the core, increase industry hard power and soft power construction , increase the contribution rate of science and technology and its own brand.
The development of enterprises need a lot of professionals, but no talent can not achieve sustainable development, therefore, enterprises should attach great importance to tanning professionals reserves, and the need to adopt a series of measures to introduce the design, production management, marketing and other aspects of talent. Take a variety of incentives, to create a relaxed environment and a favorable working environment to attract a large number of high-quality leather graduates leather goods, chemicals, leather industry practice into the design and entrepreneurial roots down.
Enterprises should actively cooperate with relevant institutions, training of skilled production line, design and other aspects of personnel. At the same time, we must also strengthen vocational training the workforce, and actively design and development and skills training technical and other personnel, improve the overall quality of workers.
All in all, a strong proponent of scientific and technological innovation, will allow more companies see hope in the winter, to increase the confidence and courage to overcome the cold, and have a profound impact on the future of Guangdong leather industry innovation and sustainable development.
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