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Present Situation downstream PU leather chemicals market ( A )

Chinese leather industry is currently very international industry, and leather chemicals industry is a field of international leather industry the most complete the most thorough . Leather chemical companies around the world gathered in China, they are local Chinese leather enterprises to each other, often killing each other incredibly hard, and neck. From leather chemicals companies in developed countries , such as Italy, Spain , the United States , Japan , Korea , Singapore , Britain , France , Germany , Switzerland , Austria , Denmark , leather enterprises to developing countries , such as Kazakhstan , Turkey, Iran , Thailand , Argentina , South Africa, Mexico , India , Brazil and so on , as long as the leather chemical products have a certain size , all fully enter the Chinese market .This one, also was formed some representative companies and niche products , such as integrated product and comprehensive Federer (TFL), BASF (BASF), Lanxess (LANXESS), Clariant (CLARIANT) Big Four , in leather finishing the successes Changrun company (STAHL), in terms of fur dye very representative Lawn Sitan to biological enzyme Novozymes known for , in terms of leather dyes influential Korean and Thai products, chromium salts has obvious advantages in Turkey and Kazakhstan products and more. They entered the China market through different channels , many of them to enter the mainland market through Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao agents. And has a full range of products in the mainland domestic leather skin of the same stage, in addition to a small number of basic chemical products, leather chemicals in almost all product areas , launched a fierce competition without distinction .
Despite a certain period of time , or is in some kind of products, some companies have certain advantages , but this advantage is very small. After 20 years of grappling , and today , we see that no one company can have the absolute right to speak in Chinese leather chemicals market. Sufficient competition in the market for any one skin of enterprises, both equal, and is cruel, large companies have the advantage of large companies , small companies have the characteristics of small companies .
    Regardless of which of the plate in the skin , we have a certain number of companies involved, full and intense competition for many years as one day, no enterprise can easily win.
    In the past, we always put the skin of import and domestic aspects of skin used for comparison, trying to figure out the many deficiencies of domestic leather , such as technical level of instability , lack of advanced marketing concepts , management backward .    
  After so many years of learning from each other and learning, especially the skin of the domestic market is already an international distinctive , full of free market competition , and domestic and imported leather skin of the technical content of the core has been no essential difference , at most just fine production management process reengineering to be strengthened , as well as marketing strategies slightly different , in the current difficult times , who's marketing approach is more effective , may have to re conclusion. At the same time , some imported leather chemicals now working to achieve the localization of production and operation , such as Shanghai surrounding it , there were many Korean-owned leather factory metaplasia , Chang-yoon , Lanxess , Clariant , BASF, Derek , are also in the country set up a production plant or laboratory. So , if we simply DOMESTIC from imported leather skin of analysis, it does not seem to make much sense , if only they simply follow the big companies or small companies to analyze, perhaps more appropriate .  
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