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PU leather and PVC leather collectively leather , experts teach you how to identify genuine leather

When we buy leather clothing, shoes and bags, often encounter the "first layer", "second skin", "PU leather" is used, what they really mean? City dyeing industry associations cow leather care center specialist Onkyo, he introduced the purchase of leather clothing, shoes and bags should be aware of some common sense.
There are three common animal leather cowhide, sheepskin and pigskin. Cow leather surface pores small, high intensity, the most
suitable for making shoes, bags can also be produced. Sheep leather surface light, thin and soft, ideal for leather clothing fabrics. 
Pig leather flooding, permeability, surface pores round and thick, can make shoes, gloves.
People usually always say PU leather and PVC leather, in fact, referred to as "leather", as opposed to one called the dermis. PU 
leather is a skin containing polyurethane component, it is light weight, toughness, waterproof, water swelling deformation is not 
easy, environmentally friendly, has a certain permeability characteristics. Compared with leather, PU leather is relatively cheap, and easy to manage. Some businesses often say "washed leather" is one of them.
The main component of PVC is polyvinyl chloride. PVC leather with rich colors, patterns range, cheap and so on. However, compared with PU leather, its short life, more brittle, hard, heavy smell, non-permeability, low tensile strength.Identification of the dermis . Mainly leather cowhide , sheepskin and pigskin and other animal skin , after processing made of fabric. 
Currently on the market the popular leather divided into " first layer " and " second skin ." " First layer " is closest to the 
surface , less disability Pijia from the finest materials , leather surface preserved in its natural state , can show a pattern of 
animal skins natural beauty. Its only wear, but also has good permeability, it is in the upper dermis . The " second skin " is a two- 
part loose fibrous tissue , processed by chemical materials sprayed from. Its fastness , abrasion resistance is relatively poor, is 
like a relatively cheap leather.
The differential dermis , generally more intuitive through the following four ways:
A touch : touch the leather surface , if smooth, soft , plump , flexible feel , basic is the dermis , and general artificial synthetic 
leather surface is astringent , rigid , poor flexibility .
Two visual : leather surface pores clearer , natural lines . Yellow leather have a more symmetrical pores, Buffalo has coarse pores
and sparse , mountain sheep have scaly pores . Artificial leather imitation also pores , but is not clear.
Three smell : all real leather has a natural smell of leather . The leather generally has a strong irritant plastic odor.
Four lit : The leather fibers ignite a pungent odor , and form a lump . After the leather fibers have ignited the smell of burning 
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