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PU Material Handbag Hot Promotional And selling

Buy a leather bag? You OUT it! PU material handbag hot promotional and selling.
Walking in spring, the fashion tide people are already a spring dress. Fashion quotation reads: Never can continue carrying a bag in the spring when the winter. In bright spring Changchun in major shopping malls, colorful spring and summer handbags new listings has also become the focus of consumers.
Recently, for handbags selling businesses have to carry out targeted promotions, integral arrived with the Eurasian anniversary activities have led to the sale of handbags. This spring handbags in a variety of non-leather material primarily, PU, ??PVC, different materials such as cane handbag beautifully. In zara, Fei Anni, COBO, Disang Na other counters reporter saw more and more diversified use of materials, so that the shape of the handbag is no longer rigid rules. According to sales personnel, even international brands do not blindly headed with leather, but the use of the classic leather, denim, linen as well as transparent material, it is creative. The new material brings varied handbag shapes. Such as rattan grass woven handbags strong three-dimensional, and can play a protective role in the package contents. PU material and alloy material allows the surface of dazzling bag.
Recommended hot: OL favorite scripted square pack too much or too exaggerated design office worker in his hand is not suitable. The most appropriate scripted square bag commuter bag made in the details and materials selected to make you more color selected. Starched linen, soft woven texture and taste very obvious imitation animal skin bag, can always find your favorite of that section.
Gathering the most important and delicate small travel bag compact, unique design, put makeu, wallet, keys and other essential items sufficient and friends gathering most practical. Note that the color to be coordinated with the clothes.
Large capacity shopping should be noted that the most practical choice is wide strap bag, this oversized bag back up it will not be tired. Secondly, lightweight material is the best choice, if the weight is too heavy shopping will only increase your burden. This spring and summer fashion knit, tassels and other effects can be used as a reference.
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