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Why should carefully select the explosion section

First: "burst models" may not personality

Popular bags filled with people back, which is like the personality of the MM who simply can not stand.

Second: "burst models" quality is often very general

In addition, the business in order to obtain more sales, often to the "explosion models" pricing is not high, the saying goes, "a penny of a sub-goods", "explosion models", "explosion of money" is often the focus on style, "Bags are not all inexpensive oh ~

Third: "burst models" difficult to keep up with after-sales

I believe many MM have such a shopping experience: hot unusual bag shop, the customer service staff busy only a cold "pro, because the staff is not enough, please take their own payment", if not sell too hot bag , Customer service dare so arrogant thing? . In this case, look forward to a better after-sales service, obviously will be more difficult.

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