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What should be pay attention to when buy leather handbags in summer?

First: the appearance of simple and beautiful.

Summer beauty girls will choose a strikingly cool fitted, and leather bag is the biggest role of foil, do not steal the limelight, so whether the simple and beautiful leather handbags, Aura floating on the extra important. Summer purchase leather handbags the first tip: Do not be too complicated.

Second: whether the accessories better?

Shoulder straps be reinforced? Whether the load-bearing bag to achieve the standard? These are an important indicator of practical bag. In addition, the shoulder strap comfort, whether shoulder or portable, is equally convenient and so on? Need to be carefully considered.

Third: whether a variety of functions?

Mobile phone bags, zipper bags, paper bags are complete? Girls daily all kinds of personal belongings can all "a clean sweep"? These practical functions, but are indispensable!

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