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Buy bags to choose leather? You OUT it! PU material hot shopping malls handbags promotional busy

Walk in the spring, the fashion trend of people is already a spring dress. Fashion quotations saying: never in the spring to continue carrying a winter when the bag. In the major shopping malls in Changchun bright spring, the color of the new listing of spring and summer handbags has become the focus of consumer attention.

Recently, the reporter learned in the major shopping malls, hot-selling business for handbags have carried out targeted marketing, integral arrived in Europe and Asia celebrations and other activities have led to the sale of handbags. This spring, handbags to a variety of non-leather-based material to play, PU, PVC, rattan grass and other materials of different hand-painted pink debut. In zara, Fei Anne, COBO, Di Sangna and other counter to see more and more diversified use of the material, so that the rules of the shape of the handbag is no longer rigid. According to sales staff, even the international front-line brand is not blindly to leather headed, but the use of the classic leather, denim, hemp and transparent material, it is creative. The new material brings a changeable handbag styling. Such as rattan grass and other hand-woven three-dimensional sense of strong, and can play the role of protection of the contents of the package. PU materials and alloy materials can make the surface of the bag dazzling.

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