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What skills about leather handbags and color matching ?

Classic black and white color with:

Black and white are always indispensable with the classic two colors, black leather handbag looks noble, elegant, somewhat sexy and mysterious, and white is a symbol of purity, then the black leather handbags can be used with clothes Most of the colors are gray, beige and blue, while the white can be with all the colors of the clothes wild.

Bright colors with:

Red represents passion and romance, and orange color symbolizes the passion and vitality, they can with black, white, yellow, blue and other colors with the clothes; green leather handbag brand represents the color of nature, looks particularly cool, Full of vitality, the most appropriate and black, yellow and so on with.

Light colors with:

Gray is a mature neutral color, basic and all colors with clothes; and pink is the first female color, can be used with the clothing color is generally white, black, dark pink, rose.

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