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Profile simple lady bag with full function

Simple, leisure, freedom is the pursuit of a consumer lifestyle, the overall design of the current package is in line with people's needs - the overall profile design is more generous, simple, not too much decoration, or even a Piece of leather "at one go."

International brand Dior season series of portable handbags, through the full gray, pristine green and clean bright ivory, with high quality calfskin and metal zipper set off simple lines, elegant simplicity, showing a restrained, neutral Style, interpretation of the high-end Dior lead the fashion trend of handbags.

On the beach brand autumn and winter the latest Yuzhu satchel series products, also reflects the "everything from simple" design concept, the introduction of the square line of simple and generous handbags, whether dressed in attire attending business meetings, dress up fashion party, or Weekdays leisure shopping, bring it all emits a simple, free atmosphere.

Simple style of the trend, a simple appearance design, and not the slightest utility of this feature. Designers by strengthening the more detailed hierarchical, categorized design, emphasizing the classification of storage function package. Doubao this season, the introduction of the leather female shoulder bag, modeling to meet the simple fashion design, which emphasizes the function, practical user-friendly design, set in the package of documents, mobile phones, wallet bits, mobile power bits and debris Bit, etc., also designed a zipper pocket for the storage of privacy items, through multiple intervals of design so that the trivial items will be placed in good order.

Chinese professional bags manufacturer - Sanait Bag Co.,Ltd

Chinese professional bags manufacturer - Sanait Bag Co.,Ltd

Chinese professional bags manufacturer - Sanait Bag Co.,Ltd

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