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Different price of the bag of promotional costs

The brand of the bag has a very strong sense of their brand story so that more people know, so that consumers understand why their bags are good, it is clear million and 1000-level bags in this regard has a different idea.

1000 yuan or so the basic cost of the promotional bag, because it is difficult to count a bag of about 1,000 yuan brand. On the one hand because the cost is high enough, on the other hand it is not the same with the number of luxury goods to go the same way. 1000-level bags do not need to go to the airport to buy road signs, no need to fashion magazines advertising, but no need to organize large-scale fashion show, for such brands implanted TV ads have been enough, because the purchase of this type of bag Most of the audience is only made mad love, few to the airport will not read magazines, do not even know the fashion show this stuff, so there is no need to put so much publicity costs.

1000 or so bags of advertising investment, including sponsorship and sponsorship of the major fashion shows, new products will be published, the major luxury brands paper advertising (magazine newspapers), media investment (TV, street and all kinds of media), astronomical spokesperson (Madonna for the LV season endorsement fees as high as 10 million US dollars), and even sponsor the film (such as Dior and I and our most precious Coco Chanel also took a movie). The major cities of the airport terminal to hang a 1 x 1.8 m of the advertising column should be hundreds of thousands, not to mention the kind of luxury that frequently ten meters of the theme of advertising position, the money is out of you, but with your back package quality Process is not directly related.

You may be thinking, then why should I pay for this part of the expenditure it? There are two reasons, if there is no such advertising, so many celebrity endorsements, no film implantation, you may not know these bags, people around you will not see the package to bring you the taste or Recognition; the other hand, the reason why enterprises can be assured of bold publicity, is the need for quality as the prerequisite. An ordinary bag factory may at any time because of quality problems or production process problems closed down, but willing to spend a lot of money to advertise the factory is not the problem. To know the greater the investment, the higher the risk, there must be full assurance and confidence in their products to be able to large-scale publicity.

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