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Cowhide leather market in the world to occupy 2/3 of the "bull market", rough appearance and strong wear-resistant texture makes the leather has a high practicality, but because of different types of different parts of the world, but the value of leather vary widely. Among them, calfskin leather goods are often made of high prices, it is because the calf is limited, and because the calf has not yet grown up, the skin itself is very small pores, and grain is more compact, and therefore also Increased the difficulty of processing, but once the tanning is complete, showing the appearance will be particularly smooth, delicate, soft, leather became the aristocracy. Chloe, Prada, etc. Most of the million-level bags are used in such leather.

Saffiano leather is Mario Prada Prada brand introduced the classic material, is one of the landmark PRADA bag material (that is, cross the kind of leather cortex). Prada as early as the seventies began to use Saffiano leather. Small embossed pattern is Prada (Prada) Saffiano series of bags of signature features, the series of calfskin with a special process produced by Spain, showing a unique texture of the ramp Check, tough and durable and scratch-resistant effect.

France and Italy top leather, the entire surface of the original skin from cattle back, Niugu, beef belly, different coral, calf is grain smaller, the indicators due to different parts of the body from the cattle and different. For example, there will be wrinkles on the cattle neck lines appear, cattle back better tension, beef belly is soft. Obviously 1000 yuan level bag is still tangled is not the first layer of leather, 1w level has been observed in different parts of the different ages of the cortical difference.

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