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What is the difference between he first layer of skin and the second layer of skin?

The first layer of skin is the first layer of animal skin, has a very good flexibility, strength and process plasticity, etc., is the first choice of high-grade leather handbag brand materials;

The second layer can be divided into two kinds, the first is the first layer of leather with the rest of the waste paper, and then after artificial deep processing of synthetic leather; the second is a poor quality of the first layer of skin, Flaws, scratches too much, can not be directly used, the same synthetic quality of the leather after the poor. In this sense, the first layer of skin should be better than the second layer of skin. At present, we are more common around cattle, sheep, pigs and other animal skin materials, while ostrich skin, crocodile skin, fox skin, wolf skin easier to identify, and can not be made into two layers of skin. However, because the first layer of high cost of leather, plastic and PU leather is not strong, so now the leather handbag market, but rather a large proportion of PU and composite skin, cost is also stronger.

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