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Scarce material lady hand bag icing on the cake

Leather bags designer and fashion has always been the darling of people, from the earliest ordinary cowhide, sheepskin, to crocodile skin, ostrich skin, lizard skin and other rare leather and the widespread use of printing leather, ladies bags more and more rich product range .

Autumn and winter series of products, rare leather lines have their own characteristics, python skin wild wild, crocodile skin low-key introverted; Ason Wu shade alternate python pattern fusion other material stitching, rock sexy; Hermès low-key brown crack crocodile skin, reproduction pure French Lana Maarks leather handmade all by the Italian top craftsmen, with more than 100 kinds of colors and 150 styles, by the rare and unique style of leather, the unique style of leather, American crocodile skin, ostrich skin and lizard skin made of its demanding of rare leather to crocodile skin applications, for example, the production of handbags only select the pores, patterns, thicknesses are completely consistent material, a package Bags usually need 3 to 4 crocodile skin to meet the requirements to select the leather.

Trumpet spell embossed python pattern, embossed python pattern leather with bright Napa leather, so that the flow of rare leather lines in the fight leather handbag, fine and elegant connection and elegant simplicity of the spinlock structure added fashion Breathable, and adjustable shoulder strap, easy to shoulder or Messenger.

Sanait bag launched this season, leather bags, whether starting from the color, or from the start of tailoring, can mix a variety of rare animal leather to produce, and bag inside selected 100% lambskin, high-end Bags design features and highlight highlights. Crocodile leather bag with the spine and belly of the two materials, lines in particular, leather bag soft, flexible, long with no distortion; lazy bags with superior raw materials through the details of the atmosphere, light, and no lack of youthful vigor; ostrich bag growth of about 14 months The size of the ostrich leather, perfect to show the ostrich leather particles, delicate, good touch.

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