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The operating costs of different price bags

In addition to publicity, the company's operating costs are also terrible, a company is directly related to the quality of the brand can continue, of course, to spend it!

1000 yuan or so of the bags, which can be seen in the shopping guide above the gap between those of you on the door tightly behind you, you do not buy things left you still white one. Can shop opened in the crowded shopping center, is already a very good business, and some direct supply wholesale market, or all kinds of Taobao shop, the basic need for any shop costs.

Luxury brand of treatment, even if the general cabinet sister also higher than the industry standard (ah, Biesen butterfly is too high is too high, the heart tired ...). Luxury bags clerk will be detailed for you about the bag making process, design features. Good luxury store, give you some tea pouring chocolate rain sent umbrella sets to protect your bags, shopping bags, and so caring service. Shop carefully decorated, high-beta shop location choice. In addition to employee benefits, there are a series of operating expenses, annual financial audit, corporate administrative expenses, etc., this money, but also added to your package. Luxury in the final analysis is to buy a service, this service is of course from sales to after-sales, to the user experience and use.

Designer is also an important cost of brand operations. Designers are the soul of the bag, without these international top designers, even if your bag with no matter how good the skin, and then the finest craft, but also decorate the earth a large section of barren soul of a tacky gold Ingot, with the soul of the injection, these luxury goods is not just a bag, but to create and lead the fashion trend of the direction of the circle. And a good designer, not just to please Julia Roberts to speak for the cost, the price in the bag.

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