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Different price of the bag are different in the production

This is the most obvious difference between the two price of the bag, you can say that the material type of cortex and artificial materials is not the difference between thousands of yuan and million bags of obvious factors, but hand-made and factory production is the largest of the two the difference.

Most of the thousands of bags of cheap labor in the domestic production, and there is no way to do hand-made, most of the machinery for the pipeline operations. The first step is to cut the material good, this step is no one is good or bad cortical screening test cortex there is no problem; and then take the needle car, and some also use glue to stick, this step is also no technology At all, as long as the basic use of the sewing machine can be completed; the last can be packed.

Production equipment is also extremely simple, there are basically electric sewing machine, a bar around 3000, there are about 2500 speed control peeling machine, as well as the pressure of the buckle of the machine. No exaggeration to say that if the cost is limited, 10,000 can be opened to do a bag factory. Then talk about the labor of this matter, Guangdong ordinary hundred of the bag factory, workers produce 7-8 handbags a day is very easy; this is only 100 people factory efficiency, no one will care thread, detection of drop resistance, wear resistance, etc. And other details of the problem, the production of high efficiency also created the cheapness of the production process. No professional requirements, there is no technical content of the work, so that each plant does not have the production of particularity.

The luxury market and other commodity markets, followed by the commodity value depends on the social necessary labor time economic law, the price of luxury bags is to produce its craftsmen and the production process to reflect the time, each big luxury Bag behind the creative craftsmen are the crystallization of the effort and time. From a certain level, the luxury is a work of art, and the production of its artisans is the artist.

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