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Loewe handbags: superb technology cast eternal classic

Making a total of 61 pieces of leather to make Amazona handbags. These are used to make Amazona top leather carefully selected from around the world 5% tannery, and through a triple selection process to ensure that without any flaws. This 61 pieces of leather must be flawless, by the craftsman through six and a half hours of carefully crafted, was able to complete a classic Amazona handbags. Throughout the production process, a total of four senior craftsmen, each division of labor preparation, cutting, sewing and assembly of four processes. Four processes through each field to create, superb technology to make this elegant unlined handbags become eternal classic, is Loewe for excellent quality assurance.

Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier the two designer brands are family tailor, not coincidentally, called the contemporary top designers of the two have their own custom brand and naughty addiction, not for the fashionable five-meter rice bow, always abide by the small minority Hand-custom line, only through the design to show their understanding of the fashion and spiritual world, quickly occupied the world's first-line array of luxury kingdom. Luxury expensive on your hands in this pair of hard work, if you can do this hand-sewn brand, then the pursuit of perfection is generally on the details and their own brand of a responsibility. Process is strictly in accordance with the procedures, the decision will not be wrong one. These luxury craftsmen living in the town perennial, only obsessed with their craft, many of them never out of the country, and even passports are not, do not know how many people in the world for their work And crazy.

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