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You only need a fashionable summer canvas bag

If you are a fashion somewhat concerned people probably know that this year will hit the most in fashion circles is seemingly random but actually carefully style. From each show or fashion event of the year, you will find that a lot of things by the book to follow before the fashion people are no longer the law of fashion, but all seemingly in line with conventional unfolded, such as silk sleeping skirt, the sleeves quickly swept the ground, lazy wind, and canvas bag another example mentioned today.

However, this seemingly casual style popular, so hard not hypocritical name the canvas bag, with many exquisite models big package together frequently in the fashion tip, up to now, a canvas bag wash "mediocre" label seems to have become the go with pretending to be cool essential goods.

Fashion Week show off, hit the bag up to but not big canvas bag. It is wild and large capacity, a lot of people like supermodel tide canvas bag and go back to work, and does not affect the overall mix. Canvas bags can be put in all the things they need, and this is just to put a little something too heavy or not, or the visual impact of IT bag bulging difficult to do.

Many luxury brands take practical action to express love for canvas bag. Although ordinary material, but the canvas bag was already long before the major luxury brands heart love, not that far away, so they took in recent years, Chanel, Hermes, Balenciaga and other brands have launched a canvas you can see it valued property. But not necessarily takes a big canvas bag that has the detached fashion value, the answer must be no. Earlier it had embarked on a fashion-oriented to the logo, no longer logo as a selling point, and this year the trend is that when we choose a package, because it is not born wealthy, there is a big luxury aura, and just because I like so I will choose to buy.

Canvas bag as T-shirts, as its simplicity is more affluent fashion possible. Simple and diverse banners also, or printing, are inadvertently demonstrated match the personality and fashion attitude. Many designers and a number of cross-border and feelings as a selling point to bookstores, coffee shops will be designed with a canvas bag positioning itself to creative writing or printing features.

If you can not meet a simple mix of "unique" requirements that may wish to try canvas bag + IT package stack package method. Principle and before the popular large package stack back packs, like, two materials mix together different packages, either resolve to hold things functional, without yo again because the packet does not fit things stuffed stuffed unsightly problems.

By design, the canvas bag style variation on the basis of a rectangular back the wearer can choose according to their actual needs, do not need to do more tangled, thereby extending canvas bag Another advantage: the wild.

In addition to color and dress color coordination need to pay attention to clothing (usually people will choose black or white, or a bit too holiday style), canvas bag itself does not have a match there are too many picky, whether you wear suits or casual wear, It can be made or the agreement reached with the effect of contrast on the style.

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