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Do you think to buy food canvas bag, in fact, to work and out are fashionable

Hot day not only want to wear trousers, even the body parts to be streamlined further streamlined. Big and heavy bags to mention the long arm ache, but also unconsciously putting in a lot of do not know what is the use of small things. Now, to meet face-lift to take hot dead attractiveness ghost weather, let the natural light canvas grand debut.

Canvas is synonymous with literary small fresh, common in a variety of Japanese aesthetic advertising. The back of a canvas bag, the overall style will become: I do not care what the trend, so I was just like, but in fact not just casually say, ah, can paper canvas back Attractive girl is definitely hard.

You may feel that spend hundreds or even thousands to buy a small bag is a waste of money ~ broken but young artists is like, this is the feelings ah, but sometimes you do not know it should not be too demanding of what brand, shopping time in the coffee shop of the corner grocery peruse more, sometimes really Amoy to treasure.

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