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2016 Autumn And Winter Series Female Bags Go Cold, Love The Color

In autumn and winter, the color of tote bag assigned to the individual properties, not just style and fashion bag, it also contains a temperature. This season, the handbag will bring you some warm heart of fashion. Let us take away the chill around, with warmth, color!

Autumn gradually buried romantic spring and summer color of cool, magnificent blue sky, gentle moon sky gray and yellow color theme together form this season, people feel like being in the vicinity of the Champs Elysees in Paris romantic stone brick road for the entire fall and winter to add a vintage theatrical feeling.

Full profile shape and texture, like the Renaissance old building, full of meaning, subtle shame grass green and bright red, elegant and refined fullest.

Under the starry night sky of Paris became the design blueprint, draw new season car floral pattern, like being in Paris in the roof, drinking coffee, looking at the stars, the taste of autumn and winter warmth.

Trolltech creativity of expression, as if knocked over graffiti art palette; black metal rivet punk fashion, declaring under soft appearance is not weak uncompromising individuality. Fashion is follow the self, in love with the color of their own.

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