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Lifestyle tips: travel packing tips

Mood before each trip are extremely looking forward to, but the most vexing is the luggage with more local accounts with less inconvenience, this time packing skills come in handy friends.

● clothes rolled up: go out with more clothes, roll them up is the best way to save space, easy scattered, but fortunately removed.

● Bra pile up: In addition to the benefits of doing local province, but also to ensure that the cup is not deformed by the pressure of other baggage.

● assembly on a two bottoms: Bottoms is that you may be repeated wearing, so the best with the law are two different assembly on a costume, best costume is a light in a dark color.

● inner light-colored clothes inside out: packaged soft light-colored clothing, it can be turned inside out and then put into the trunk outward, so that one avoid wrinkles, the second is to prevent dirty clothes.

● shoes into the shoe or shower cap in: Many people choose to put shoes in plastic bags, shoe bags if there is of course the best, but you can also make use of a shower cap, especially from the hotel to go when installed on dirty shoes are very appropriate.

● heavy things into the wheel Vicinity: the heaviest things into place from below near the wheels, so that things will not Luangun box and pull the box feel lighter.

● toiletries placed in transparent sealed bags: one prevents liquid leakage, the second is able to clearly see that there is no missing items.

● charging cable into the glasses case: the regular line to roll up into boxes of glasses, to prevent the winding line between each line. This method also applies to your jewelry.

● fragile items into socks: for example, easily broken perfume bottle, into a multi-layer sock to prevent break up, but also to prevent scratches and the like.

● full use of space: Do not let any of luggage space, such as shoes can put some small bits.

● Clean prepare several empty bags: Sometimes you will not want to change down to wash dirty clothes, or do not care to buy too many things would fit in the box, then some clean empty bag can help on busy.

● put some desiccant: There are sellers with clothes drying agent, in the trunk of some, can make your clothes smell fresher.

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