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What Is The Experience Of Responsible Intelligent School Bag

All in all, everyone's life that needs a few bags, school bags, backpacks, purses, handbags, clutch, briefcases, traveling bags, leisure bags and so on, no matter what stage you are in, there are always several packages to accompany you growing up.

It can be said that the package is a life close friend, in your different stages and you inseparable, like work, life partners, accompany us every day from morning to evening, we listen to vent their displeasure with their feelings, share our happiness with the progress of time. Package is silent friend, the package is a loyal friend, if you will put it close at hand, it is always lurking, silently with you. There is also the attitude of the package, you bring you a variety of different ages sentiment.

Grow up, from the campus to the community, express different feelings in different packages with different packages show different yourself. One kind of package is an attitude, a package that is a state of mind. Regardless of the mood change, there is always that best matches their own package. Everybody needs package, everyone is more than one package, each package has a story, each package has a memory. Sweet, joy, bitter, joy, throbbing, unpleasant and unite the various mood. Package is a partner, including his comrades, perhaps, you forget about the packet is responsibility.

Do you remember what kind of school bag of your first day at school? Probably most people can not remember, but a kind of memory, you must remember that the bag must be carefully selected parents, filled with caring for your parents to prepare all kinds of stationery, as well as snacks and cups, and perhaps loving parents personally prepared lunch. School, parents can not always accompany the side, the bag at the moment is not just a bag, it embodies the heart of parents responsibility, the responsibility of love, all the time, the little bit of love packed in the bag. Grow up, more and more bags, but more miss the scene when a child back bags, since then, more than a heavy bag of parental responsibility.

The former carrying a bag of children are now parents, identity changed, there is a never changed, and that is the same as their parents' generation, the mother is best left to the next generation. With served, with responsibility, which is the common characteristic of being parents. So, carrying a bag of responsibility, one from the parents of the next generation of all-round responsibility. This responsibility is the safety of the child every moment of control.

Smart bag, this responsibility will become possible. What can it do?

1, Set the number of crisis: Trigger sync button, backpack APP crisis to the server number list requests.

2, SOS for help: Smart backpack SOS button is triggered, the alarm will sound.

3, A key call: someone called when a key on the phone; press 3 seconds, automatically set a good crisis dial number for the order.

4, GPRS positioning information Upload: Smart backpack APP over a period of time (3-5 minutes can be set) for the latest location information.

5, Bluetooth anti-lost: Backpack with parents far away from the phone when, for anti-lost reminder.

Times have changed, the responsibility has never changed, the smart bag, care continuity, the responsibility to do on the side, around the clock security protection to the child, wrapped in a body, a child full control movements, worry and intimate, it's so simple.

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