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2016 New Fashionable Handbags Let You Put It Down

2016 handbag trends:

--popular elements

1, animal pattern: snakes, leopard

2, the metal material and color: gold and silver, rivets

3, tassels, fur accessories

- Popular style

1, minimalist style, clipping a strong sense of line

2, bohemian, ethnic style, personality and highly innovative design

3, retro, holiday style

- Popular inclusive

Chain bag, square bag, bucket bag, shoulder bag, clutch, handbag

Chain bag, bucket bag, shoulder bag with mini size design more in

Square bags, handbags large selection more practical, powerful gas field

Spring and summer season is the most suitable to wear bohemian single product, dressed in a long skirt, make you goddess full range, of course, have to keep up the bag, or directly choose a bohemian bag, bring a little bit exotic for the whole shape.

Elegant tassels always seems to give people joy and uninhibited temperament, reminiscent of the Mongolian style, fringed bags into the element is even more handsome pressing.

2016 spring and summer to start a fresh and retro woven packet is not very fun to do? Especially out of the street or the seaside resort, full of natural flavor of such a packet will definitely make you love knitting.

China as the world's largest luxury goods consumer market in recent years, the major brands have launched Chinese style single product, not sparing even the handbags and, of course, the Chinese design was so good-looking, naturally will not miss the fashionable coffee like China wind girl hurry to start it.

With design animal pattern mini square package, even with a minimalist single product make the whole look is very advanced.

Founded in 1846, the Spanish veteran LOEWE Loewe leather, very recently introduced new handbag to steal the spotlight. Creative design is very geometric aspect of personality, 2016 is definitely fashionable star who can not miss a single product out to the streets.

The heart of fashionable water large square package, ideal for neutral wind or cold European style mushroom attempt, with the same strong sense of a single product line more range.

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