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2016 spring and summer fashion trends of the bag pockets

You say that the trend is always changing, I said that the trend is actually maintaining the status quo. Once popular in the pockets of a few years ago in the early silently disappeared into the public eye, and now you mention it I am afraid to say that ten years ago the conductor is a dedicated bag or uncle aunt, but in spring and summer 2016 purses have become fashion items, fashion style ring is so mutations. From Balenciaga folds Zip pockets to Kenzo the two models combined with a small bag for a group of pockets style, then Margiela fashion house This slight breeze style rear back pockets have been moved to show. Although once common, but a single product, but by designers dug out a more fashionable gesture re-interpretation.However, as long as you think pocket one style, it would be wrong, zipper section, clamshell models and mini models are popular style this year.

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