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Teach you how to maintain for women handbags

Fashion women buy a package, usually choose a luxury designer bag or a high-end quality of handbag, so that it is more a sense of honor. However, we often hear "car easy to keep a car difficult", so nothing more than buy a package, buy a bag is not difficult, the key depends on your daily life, how to care for the bag, so as to delay the life of handbags.

Underneath, let teach you everyday maintenance tips handbags recipe for it!

1.Do not overload, to prevent deformation of handbags, but also pay attention to anti-acid, anti-alkali, moisture, handbags avoid corrosion.

2.Do not put it directly under the sun exposure or roasted, avoid leather handbags accelerated aging, fading, cracking.

3.Promptly after watering with a clean towel to dry and ventilated place to dry to avoid mildew handbags.

4.Do not leave handbags thrown into the washing machine washing, not to abuse detergent for cleaning.

5.Handbags oil stains, you should wipe the surface oil with a soft cloth, and then gently wipe the cleaner again.

6.Handbags infected large dirt stains, use cleaner cream to clean, the proposed purchase of more high-end cleaning paste to clean handbags.

7.Handbags stained with chewing gum, you should use the appropriate method to remove chewing gum, and then gently wipe the cloth repeatedly.

8.Handbags cleaned once a week is recommended, do not directly or washing machine wash, it is recommended to use a damp cloth to gently wipe after wring.

9.On a regular basis to the professional handbags maintenance services for maintenance, so you can maintain and prolong life.

10.Usually when you are not in use handbags, it is best placed in a handbag in a clean paper or tissue paper, and it is good to use a dust bag accommodated, this can prevent deterioration of the leather texture.

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