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Leather And Leather Products Industry Environmental Heavy Metal Monitoring Programs Part C

WAOL2000 is an automatic water quality monitoring Colorimetric method based on the determination of the concentration of heavy metal ions tool. It can be widely used in industrial emissions, surface/groundwater automatic monitoring stations, waterworks, district water sector points of heavy metals in water monitoring. It can detect a variety of heavy metals in sewage chromium, copper, nickel, lead, zinc, manganese, arsenic and iron.
AOL2000 online water quality analyzers Water monitoring range of chrome reach 0-2mg/L, with an automatic pre-treatment system, no one can achieve continuous online monitoring was accurate, very suitable for the monitoring of heavy metals in sewage leather industry.
WAOL2000 series analyzer can be configured as needed for the cycle interval, the whole point of the measurement mode, the actual measurement to meet customer demand; Setting automatic calibration interval, to achieve automatic instrument calibration.
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