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IT IS SO Simple To Clean The Smell On The PU Leather Or PVC Leather Fashion Bags

Just bought into the market bags fashion bags would smell an odor, since this odor is determined by the PU leather or PVC material, then how do we get rid of these odors fashion bags today to introduce some fashion bags to smell method:
The first approach: put lemon slices in bought back in fashion bags, basically a day or two, there is no smell of.
The second method: put some grapefruit peel, orange peel put the bag, after a day, add some dried chrysanthemum soap Workers put a three to five days, fashion bags PU leather or PVC leather smell disappears.
The third method: the home usually have tea like it, you can put dry tea towel wrap on sanitary smelly bag in a few days and then look, smell is not being sucked away, no odor it!
The fourth method: we can put just bought fashion bags, wipe clean with water, hanging in the air for a day or two to catch local female nor smell. But Sanait bag leather handbags factories specially remind you that in the summer, you can also appropriate sun drying, if it is winter, remember not to bask in the sun, because the winter PU or PVC material under the effect of cold material, leather is very easy chemical reaction occurs easily brittle leather.
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