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How to Mmaintenance Precious Purses

When precious purses in contact with sweat or subject to strong sunlight, easy to stain or discoloration, therefore, should always flapping, precious package to frequently Cayou, waxing. You should avoid using shoe polish. This will hurt the purses.
When precious purses black spots off, first peeling off the oil after mixing with clean wet glue juice and woodworking, and then evenly coated in the area, marked with light wax can be restored as new.
Before using the new package first hit a layer of wax on the surface to help dust. Leather angle most likely to damage, so in this colorless nail polish painted purses prevents scratches and deformation.
Do not use the same package every day, I spent some time let it rest a couple of days to remove the internal matter of another bag. Unused purses fortress on some paper to prevent deformation purses so durable.
Avoid sticky water and moisture. Leather bags when not in use, the best place to save the cotton bag, do not put plastic bags because plastic bag ventilation, make the leather is too dry and damaged. The bag stuffed with some of the best soft toilet paper to keep the shape of the bag. If no suitable bags, old pillowcase also very suitable.
We recommend that you store the leather before each should go for it do to clean up dust. Leather products generally had a good idea on leather care oil, the practice is to wipe the oil on a clean cloth, then wipe the surface evenly, avoiding the oil directly applied on the leather, to avoid damaging the leather.
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