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How to Choose a Backpack When Travel

IT can be considered from the following five aspects choose a suitable for their own use backpack:
First. Consider the number of shopping choice knapsack capacity.
--It should choose small volume of the backpack, general 25 to 45 liters is enough If a shorter travel time and do not prepared in  the outdoor camping and carrying goods is not too much.  
--It should choose a large bag with 50 - 70 liters appropriate. The general structure of the backpack is relatively simple, no plug-ins or plug-in for less, with the exception of a main bag, usually a 3-5 pocket, for carrying goods classification.
--If the longer travel time and the need to carry camping equipment, Or if you need to load the goods Cheetos or larger, the optional 80+20 liter backpack, backpack or more plug-in.
Second. Based on knapsack use choice knapsack type is mountaineering bags. 
--As for rock climbing package design, generally do not design hard support, as is portable and curved, external point more, in order to pick up equipment, some models also specially equipped with cloth finishing equipment. 
--While riding bike designed series package, more attention is paid to the riding characteristics, which can be divided into the back luggage, carry bag etc.. 
--The general meaning of mountaineering bags also called Camp knapsack, the design characteristics of various forms of exercise and a long march of needs, suitable for mountaineering, exploration risk and woodland through activities. 
--There are special design for long-distance travel backpack called multi-purpose bag or composite bag. The body structure and climbing bag can be similar:shoulders back, upper and lower layer, similar to the suitcase, uncovering type opening, can be a single shoulder, horizontal, vertical or portable size, packaging. Body structure, can be easy to use, very popular with travelers welcome. 
Three. Knapsack body system with system size choice knapsack, adjustable backpack is widely used, so it is not without limits. choose the backpack, chosen with system size is very important. What kind of a size appropriate? The backpack waist force should be in above the waist on the coccyx, shoulder protection should be slightly lower than the general level with the shoulder, While the back size will produce straining feeling, otherwise it would have on the longitudinal feeling, make the waist force is not in place. The right size after adjustment, backpack naturally attached on the back,it's very comfortable.
Four. Material quality. People often pay more attention to the color and shape of backpack,durable manufacturing materials is the key. --From the ribbon. Ribbon and ribbon common quality price can be 3 - 5 times, ribbon bearing force BIG PACK selected more than 200 kilograms. 
--To feed on the differences, the same as 42D fabrics, plain fabric per code 280 grams, and high density fabrics per code weight 410 grams, so two kinds of fabric from the strength and wear rate are significant differences in the friction on the fabric of destructive test. 
--For the same 500D fabric, ordinary nylon fabric 1075 to damage, and Du Bonnie Ron Bbu was in 3605 when the switch is damaged, its wear resistance is 3 times the ordinary nylon. 
--From the coating, low-grade backpack with PVC coating, the cold becomes hard, and high-grade backpack with PU coated fabric, the cold hardness did not change significantly.
--PU coated fabric waterproof degree can reach more than 1500mm. The current market brand back in the material are more elegant, performance and quality are also quite good.
Five. The structure and design is a good backpack superior performance guarantee. 
Climbing bag has good performance, the important factor lies in its scientific and reasonable structure and design. Good design is not only gives you the beauty, more important can make you get excellent performance in use to enjoy, we can see this point clearly from the design structure of the backpack. The user can according to the needs of self regulating its high, its broad, with such a backpack, as you travel by many facilities. More information please visit:
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