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How To Choose The Belt for Men

The belt is second man's face, is a man of identity, status symbol, right can make the finishing point, icing on the cake, so choose a suitable for their own is very important, not the most expensive, that is best suited to their own.
The change trend of the belt, to a great extent, is caused by a fastener. Hook shape, size also showed a man's charm. Gold clasp, usually with a kind of noble words together; a copper hook, let us understand the masculine men and strength; generous "back" shaped buckle, fully revealing the man's fortitude; oval buckle shows men mature; square represents man's taste.
Classic gold silver belt is light, matte metal rings and calfskin crafted style, the details slightly change, conform to the popular style, implicitly showing contemporary yet classic character. As a combination of classic black belt and silver buckle, show the man concise and clear.
If you want to be a romantic man, then wear natural color belt to be more abundant. So the man like a woman with belt change as it changes is stick out a mile, delicate and meticulous. Slim type and light color color, and fit in easily with the romantic man. Showing your romantic understanding and interpretation from subtle small.
A belt should pay attention to a few details.
First of all, the decorative belt is the first, so you can not carry too many items. Concise, efficient is characteristic of a man.
Secondly, the belt should be maintained at three cm wide and thin. Too narrow, will lose masculinity; too wide is only suitable for leisure, cowboy style.
Third, the belt length should not be neglected, fasten belt, the end should be between the first and second pants tripped.
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