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How To Changing the Crisis To Boost Technological Innovation With The Successful Transformation Of The Tanning Industry Chaper Two

In response to the global financial crisis and promoting the healthy development of China 's economy, from the third quarter of 2008, the state issued a series of aggressive monetary and fiscal policy, such as lower deposit and lending rates, three years invested 4 trillion to start domestic demand.
Government launched a plan to deal with the economic crisis, but the enterprise as an independent body should take responsibility for innovation to help themselves. Some experts suggested that export-oriented companies can turn to the domestic market, open up a new path, opening up potential markets, while expanding domestic demand. While domestic enterprises to major markets in the technology and design innovation, and take different development path, to avoid product homogenization of competition, implementation of brand development strategy.
Thus, faced with the difficult economic crisis, the leather industry to withstand the current challenges, actively respond to cultivate independent innovation capability and market development capabilities, expand their brand direction will become Guangdong leather industry, industrial development in the future. Such as leather leather capital Shiling, the achievements of 30 years of regional economic brand. Shiling leather leather industry has a known trademarks in China , Chinese brand one , one and a number of Guangdong Province , Guangdong Province, brand-name products . Meanwhile, the collective mark " Shiling leather" under effective publicity and promotion in the industry also achieved a good reputation.
In addition, experts also said that the leather business if not to seize the current opportunity, develop independent innovation capability and market development capabilities, create their own brands, is bound to lose in the development of industrial transfer opportunities. Guangdong leather industry current brand strategy is in brand development stage, the implementation of brand strategy, to enlarge and strengthen their brand, and promote the growth of the domestic market , will become the direction of industrial development of the leather industry in the future.
To some extent, China's leather industry is something that is not plagued by obstacles and China's leather industry to re- shuffle, the survival of the fittest opportunity, the limited capacity of the market determines the survival of the fittest is the development of the eternal laws of survival of the fittest this is a reasonable competitive process. Therefore, China 's small and medium enterprises will face a re-shuffle of the market crisis. We believe that through this round of adjustment, the industry will become more standardized and more dynamic.
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