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Guidelines Choosing For Women's Handbags In Public

Do not think that  just an ordinary daily equipment, actually, on various occasions, how to choose a suitable package can reflect a person's temperament and accomplishment. Today we share some matters when with a bag, understanding about the bag of etiquette.
Bags color,style and texture should assorted with our clothing. Some girls like to carry a tape shopping on the streets, it is very lack of grace to carry the damaged or old shopping bag. What clothes to wear back what kind of bag, this is a absolute rule to make your bag and clothing complement with each other. For example, wearing jeans, with loose linen shirt, you can bring a large bag, whatever shopping or outing. And dressed in a tidy gorgeous fashion visiting relatives and friends or go to any formal occasions, it is required to use a bag assort with your clothing.
Please note that no OL will go out without a bag. If you take in the hands of the Kun bag, please do not choose too big or style and pattern too complicated, Kun bag also need to match up with shoes. In most wear business casual occasions,need match the briefcase, if need to carry documents, and women can carry on a small female briefcase or styles can impersonate a briefcase tote bag. Bag texture should choose cortex, blended hemp, workmanship excellent fabric etc., canvas bag and straw packets leave to shopping at the picnic.
Pack out should pay attention to your manners: avoid swinging on both sides with a shoulder bag, a hand holding a bag, the other hand natural swing. Handbags can lean against the side, no shaking, or arm in arm, arm from the outside toward the arm, elbow flat on the waist, with the arm into the natural 90 degrees. For no strap bag, with a single hand, like a book in the right or left chest hold, can also be held in the waist, avoid carrying bag caught fingers in the armpit or bag. If still need holding other things such as umbrella, books, the best way is on one hand with two things, the other hand natural swing, in order to maintain the dignified and elegant manners. Also note that no matter you eat in the restaurant or visit others, please do not placed the bag on the table, small volume can be placed on the knee, and a little larger can be placed on the ground beside you.More information please visit:
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