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Fashion V G Spoof Of Big Wave Of Brand Hermes Handbags

VG spoof tide fashion big brand Hermes handbags --Victoria Gossip spoof its shape resembles Hermes bag in Italy, Hong Kong and other countries and regions popular, many Internet and media celebrities and stars from time to time in the microblogging show off colored sections spoof packets. For this reason, Victoria Gossip special package introduced this spoof of the Mainland. As spokesperson Victoria Gossip, beach babe singer Cheryl Yang was filming a group of packages which American retro style propaganda tracts, upon release becomes other micro-blog, micro-channel network and forum stylish forwards competing large object, and the brand awareness is gradually improve, quickly became popular in the network.
It is reported that Victoria Gossip overwhelmed by the introduction of this section is to spoof packets Hermes Kelly and Birkin classic style re subversion, but in the overall structural design of the package, the package is Biaimashi spoof package more reasonable. Many women often complain about the Hermes bag such as strapless, handle small issues such as the use of inconvenience, spoof package was originally designed to have done a series of human change, for the audience to offer a more practical way to carry.
In the work, the spoof packets are used inside and outside except embossed genuine leather, the hardware is the use of the country's top steel and top plating. Meanwhile, the brand package also insisted handmade, each bag is handmade by the manufacturer for more than 5 years experience in carefully produced, highlighting the brand's texture, taste and attitude.
Of course, the price is cheap package spoof doubt, compared with the tens of million of Hermes bag, spoof packet with its sophisticated materials, fine workmanship, reasonable price and more and more by the young women of all ages . Why talk about the introduction of which spoof packet, Victoria Gossip official said, will be able to spoof packets upon sale in Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries and regions rapidly swept to some extent also reflects the young women are no longer obsessed with big luxury line, They are more concerned with cost-effective products, and therefore very optimistic about Victoria Gossip spoof package in the mainland market prospects.
Today, the overall profitability of luxury goods declined, but some analysts believe that in terms of domestic market and international market, questioned the cost of luxury goods are more and more, it also reflects a rational consumer trends from one side. So we have reason to believe that the emergence of sophisticated quality spoof package is bound to take its place in the future of the luxury market.
Victoria Gossip spokesperson - Beach babe Cheryl Yang said Victoria Gossip want to pass a "young and can also play 'willful' 'a new era of consumption concept," now buy bags not' I have money I wayward ', choose bags not to choose the most expensive, Victoria Gossip provided are practical and beautiful and reasonably priced products, where you can think what you want, for themselves and for the young can play 'capricious'. " Meanwhile, Victoria Gossip official said the future will continue to introduce more young people love the product and follow the "cool appearance, exquisite workmanship, reasonable price," the three principles, so that we can choose to be more suitable for their own products.
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