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Changing Is The Last Word Boost Technological Innovation With The Successful Transformation Of The Tanning Industry Chapter One

Since 2008, Chinese leather enterprises experienced an unprecedented cold snap. In raw material prices, rising labor costs, RMB appreciation, export growth declined, tight funding environment, raise the price of production factors, the financial crisis and other unfavorable circumstances, as a labor-intensive tanning industry, from upstream raw material suppliers, to the middle of the manufacturer, to the downstream of the traders, in every aspect of the tanning industry chain, all felt the cold of winter, there are a considerable number of companies have ceased even the edge of collapse.
Suicide or waiting for die? This is a tough proposition. "Who Moved My Cheese" This global bestseller, the interpretation of the life of a truth: change is the only constant.
In crises, the PRD SMEs tannery how to face the strain of life and death proposition?
According to the National Bureau of Statistics, since last year, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhongshan and other places of enterprises to gradually reduce the number of orders, lower production scale. Leather, footwear, luggage, furniture, plastic products, machinery and electronics and other traditional bulk exports fell sharply or decline. Only Shenzhen, for example, shoes, hats exports grew 3.9%, down 16.2 % over the previous year. furniture and parts exports rose 16.3 %, down 23.7 %. garment and textile exports dropped by 14.5%.
According to the Guangdong Footwear Manufacturers Deputy Secretary-General Yang Ye Lin Jieshao to footwear exports, for example, the RMB appreciation of the decline in export profits. Domestic CPI rise has triggered rising raw material costs. "There are foreign orders are afraid to pick up, some companies do not even understand how it was." Under the double impact, the industry reshuffle is intensifying.
In addition, taking into account environmental issues, the Guangdong provincial government hopes the production of labor-intensive part of the transfer of the Pearl River Delta, such as furniture manufacturing, leather processing, hardware manufacturing , garments production eight labor-intensive industries , from last year, there are a number of leather enterprises have relocated or closed, tannery situation is very bad. "Double turn" ( transfer and transition ) ideas become tanning enterprises to deal with " winter" common practice.
Transfer is overwhelmed by the production base moved elsewhere. Yang Ye Lin said, Dongguan, Shenzhen, for example, the past is gradually becoming a gathering place for factory city center, operating costs naturally rise. Yang Ye Lin recommend these companies to develop the western and northern Guangdong.
In the transition context, there are three ways to go, one to go high-end product line, control the scale of 300 to 500 people in the factory is the most appropriate. The second is to change the enterprise business ideas, take the initiative to look for the big brands, reduce risk. Third is foreign to domestic sales hit their own brand.
" Backward productive forces, will be eliminated ," The Guangdong Provincial Party Secretary Wang Yang, a high-profile criticism of the closure of small and medium enterprises, he believes the key to have confidence in the face of economic difficulties, the government can not save backward productive forces. The science and technology is the first element to drive productivity , companies can not relyn the government, to take self-help measures, but to help themselves, we must use science and technology of the armed forces.
In fact, accelerate scientific and technological innovation, not only to deal with the crisis plight, mitigate risks, access to fundamental way of sustainable development, it is also an important force to promote the tanning industry to achieve a major breakthrough, it will be the only way to achieve sustainable development in Guangdong leather industry.
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