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Baiyun Airport Seized With Charging Treasure Features Fashion Handbags

China Civil Aviation News: October 30 morning, the Guangzhou Baiyun airport screeners were seized having a functional fashion handbags charging when open packet inspection work, due to the built-in lithium battery charging treasure no identity for security screeners Advertisement can not carry passengers boarding.
Day ten o'clock more, when the power of a female member of packet examination, X-ray images showed two charging treasure package, open the package then informed members were open packet inspection. After opening the package member for package goods inspection and found no charging treasure and, therefore, handbags X-ray machine check again, the results still image display charging treasure bag, he opened the package member of handbags carefully rummage , then dawned on passenger screeners, says: "I think of it, my bag can be charged, you see this is data which may have a battery!!" Then along the data line screeners found a similar card package articles, feels hard, and finally determined to be two rechargeable lithium battery with charging function treasure. Since the two lithium rechargeable treasure no identity, for security reasons, can not carry passengers boarding screeners tell passengers that they understand the relevant provisions do anyhow abandon treatment.
Guangzhou Baiyun security Tips: In accordance with the provisions of the National Civil Aviation Authority, charging treasure no more than 100 watts an hour, no more than two blocks, you can carry; charging treasure rated energy greater than 100 watts an hour, less than 160 watts an hour, no more than two blocks block, approved by the airline, can carry; rated power charging treasure more than 160 watts hours, checked and carry prohibited. Furthermore, we need to be reminded that, not allowed to bring any identification no charge treasure, that identity is unclear for the "three noes" charging treasure, preferably well in advance before the guests took the opportunity to deal with, do not board the aircraft.
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