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Analysis of the downstream PU leather chemicals market situation (Three)

A great advantage, the small to features. Flexible operation mechanism , relatively low operating costs, many years of personal connections, the familiar business environment, coupled with the giants for so many years to learn the same stage, regardless of the production technology, management, or marketing ideas, have made considerable progress. Therefore, they can easily find their place in the market slit. Especially in the last year and this grim reality, many large companies are struggling leather chemicals , leather chemicals companies but many small to further enhance the market share, their tenacious vitality absolutely should not be underestimated.
In the field of skin, in addition to the production enterprises and trade integration business, leather trading companies is another subject worthy of special attention. Whether large companies or small businesses, leather chemicals companies are all very important part. Large companies rely on them to expand the site, small businesses through their fight for more market living space. Since many trading companies are also the agent for a number of manufacturers, or the company's products, so part of the skin of the trading company 's turnover is considerable. Billion on sales of leather chemicals trading company heard from time to time, which is far more than even a large leather -based manufacturer of annual sales of several million dollars to tens of millions of leather chemicals trading company Geng Shibi than all.
Due to the relatively low trade barriers of the skin, the survival index can be high or low, with less risk, so the more the number of skin -based trading company. Moreover, as long as there is a certain customer resources after you can separate portal, and it is easy to survive, therefore, leather chemicals trading company but also the most frequent staff turnover, resulting in a new leather chemicals trading company continue to emerge. Paper trading companies and many more are perennial recruit people, mainly recruit extension workers, even in the current market downturn, leather chemicals trading company's recruitment enthusiasm remains unabated, it would be a unique landscape of the industry. It is these new leather chemicals continue to live on their own style to erode the company ant pioneers of market share, making it difficult to become industry giants oligarchs. So you can despise them, but you must not ignore them.
After years of differentiation, the skin of the domestic market have shown sufficient market competition, any one or a few companies are difficult to form oligarchy. No matter how powerful giant flies are not easy, but then a small shrimp will have their own third of an acre, of course, opportunities for profiteering and speculation less and less. So, this is a difficult re- birth of the hero of the industry ( unless there is a breakthrough industrial technology, or the arrival of tanning technology innovation ), while this is a place to settle down in the industry.
SMEs referred to herein, and not strictly defined, regardless of the size or value, are likely to be controversial, should be noted, I just want to analyze some of this phenomenon, any company mentioned, we are not Judgments of Italy, wishes to refer to the companies to give understanding.
The last two years, just when everyone thought the skin of the market is already saturated, we still see some of the original are not familiar with the leather chemicals companies emerged, and they are still able to find living space. For small enterprises imported leather, they are almost always enter the Chinese market through the reseller channel, and the majority of European and American companies. It is said that the founder of these companies are mostly original has already entered the Chinese market in Europe and leather chemicals business company salesman or technician, who after departing from the original company, using the original channel contacts or relations with a new look, re-enter the Chinese market. People are still those people, but the identity has changed . Meanwhile, in the country, like the League of Nations, Jufeng, Keli, Kodak, Hui Ying, Bai, Shengda, Miki, Lin Qiang, Ann sword, LI Ning, ShengHuiDe force thick, promoted, like joy, Dragon Yiyuan Unitas, was Thailand, as well as many unknown, relatively small leather enterprises, is not as vulnerable as people think they are in the harsh competition in the market, showing its tough side, development good momentum.
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