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Analysis Of The Market Situation Of PU Leather Downstream (Two)

Federer (TFL), BASF (BASF), Lanxess (LANXESS), Clariant (CLARIANT) Paper of the four giants, in the heyday of hegemony once formed the semi-finals of the situation, it seems right to speak soon monopoly industries, but the last two years, especially the outbreak of the global financial crisis, all of a sudden make four giant loss, trauma they have suffered, obviously much larger than the small leather company. Under the impact of the crisis, we see giants are also very fragile. Due to the rapid decline of market demand, the huge giants operating costs make them overwhelmed. Massive layoffs, and drastically reduced welfare spending as the primary means of major skin giants deal with the crisis.
In fact, prior to this, the internal personnel leather chemicals giant earthquake waves, declining employee benefits. The financial crisis, as well as before due to soaring prices of raw materials, each skin giants invariably improve the product price, and now to the crisis, bring the price down still further shaken their position in the market and occupy the market rate, so a vicious cycle is bound to exacerbate the difficult situation giants. Last year to spread the message individual giant unbearable burden to be sold as a whole, and later even though nothing, but the plight of giant evident. Plus previous performance is not ideal, Bayer (Bayer) faced up to the spin-off of Lanxess leather, as well as Germany and the United States after the acquisition of Tingjiang skin, in order not to drag the main industry, again stripped from the skin of the listed companies in the sector practice, were indicative of the tough leather of the field. On the one hand is a decline in market demand rigid, the other is competition between large companies, plus some small companies kept poaching, in this highly competitive and not very regulated market environment, any leather chemicals Holding companies are hard to advantage.
Not only is the above -mentioned four leather giants, those relatively large and in a way the more advantage of leather chemicals companies such as Chang-yoon, Lawn Sitan, Wuhan Tianma, Buckman, Dow, Shanghai Lion, Haipi of Tingjiang leather chemicals, Tianjin Southwark, east of Wenzhou, brother of leather, leather chemicals peace, Foshan Colliers, PielColor, Novozymes, Dongyang Chemical, Guangdong Sheng Fang, Desai Er Garbo energy, three Sheng Hefei Bianco, modern, whether veteran or cutting-edge, all former opponents, after the pursuers, who are difficult to stroll everywhere in this competitive market. The slightest mistake will soon be voted out.
According to legend, once led the way in the field of fur dye for many years the United States Lawn Sitan, in the majority of Chinese New Wing Tai and other opponents of stiffer position is already lost, almost to withdraw from the Chinese market. The current status of China's leather industry in the world, out of the market, almost quit the industry. Some previously glorious moment the skin of the star, is now rarely hear their news. Thus, even a relatively large leather chemicals companies in China do not have a market advantage once, just go to the market, we must keep making progress, whether in production technology, management, or marketing strategy and service on, any time can not relax, otherwise, once mistakes, it is difficult for them to climb to its original height.
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